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Math 022, Calculus II


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Classroom Code of Conduct (University policy)


Faculty and students will at all times conduct themselves in a manner that serves to maintain, promote, and enhance the high quality academic environment befitting the University of Vermont. To this end, it is expected that all members of the learning community will adhere to the following guidelines:

1.    Faculty and students will attend all regularly scheduled classes, except for those occasions warranting an excused absence under the University Attendance Policy (e.g., religious, athletic, and medical).

2.    Students and faculty will arrive prepared for class and on time, and they will remain in class until the class is dismissed.

3.    Faculty and students will treat all members of the learning community with respect. Toward this end, they will promote academic discourse and the free exchange of ideas by listening with civil attention to comments made by all individuals.

4.    Students and faculty will maintain an appropriate academic climate by refraining from all actions that disrupt the learning environment (e.g., making noise, ostentatiously not paying attention, and leaving and reentering the classroom inappropriately)

5.    No hats, hoods, …

                                                I want to see your face! Preferably smiling.