Mathematica Labs for MATH 121

These Labs refer to the textbook
 Calculus/Early Transcendentals, 8th Ed., by J. Stewart.

The following issue occurred in Fall 2015:
    If Mathematica freezes on startup, follow instructions in this link.

This issue has not been known to occur in Spring 2017, but I keep the above note just in case that it may be needed again.

Lab 1  
(goes with Secs. 12.1 and 10.1 and prepares you for Lab 3) 
Part 1: Review, and Parametric plots in 2D and 3D   (no exercises)
    Part 2:
Parametric plots of ellipses and hyperbolas   (this part is to be submitted for grading)
     You'll need to download this file and open it on your computer; it will not open in your browser.
      Follow these steps for the download -- read them before you proceed!
      1)  Left-click on the link Solution and enter your UVM NetID and password at the prompt.
           The file will then open as a text file, which you cannot recognize as anything useful. (This isn't supposed to work like this, and up to 2015 it didn't, but some software has changed...)
      2)  Go back to this page. (The "back" button in the browser probably won't work, so you'll need to get here through my Teaching page.)
      3)  Right-click on the link Solution and select option "Save Link As" (or something similar in Macs). This will give you the option to download the file to a folder.
           IMPORTANT:   Sometimes the OS will ask you if you want to add a text extension to this file.
           Of course, you should decline it -- it's a Mathematica file, not text. So, download the file as
           is, i.e. with extension  .nb. You should now be able to open it as a Mathematica file.

Lab 2  
(goes with Sec. 12.5 and is worth 1/2 of a "regular" Lab)
Basic vector operations, and equations of planes  

Lab 3   (goes with Sec. 12.6)
Trace plots of quadric surfaces

Lab 4   (goes with Secs. 14.1--14.3)
Contour plots, and discontinuous mixed partial derivatives

Lab 5   (goes with Secs. 14.6, 14.7)
Finding extrema of a function

Lab 6   (goes with Sec. 14.8, which was not covered in class)
Introduction to Lagrange multipliers

Lab 7   (goes with Secs. 15.10 and 16.6)
Parametric surfaces and their animation

Last updated:     May 2017