Mathematica Labs for MATH 121

These Labs refer to the textbook
 Calculus/Early Transcendentals, 7th Ed., by J. Stewart.

Lab 1  
(goes with Secs. 12.1 -- 12.4) 
Part 1: Review, and Parametric plots in 2D and 3D   (no exercises)
    Part 2:
Parametric plots of ellipses and hyperbolas   (this part is to be submitted for grading)
     (you need to download this file and open it on your computer; it will not open in your browser)

Lab 2  
(goes with Sec. 12.5)
Basic vector operations, and equations of planes  

Lab 3   (goes with Sec. 12.6)
Trace plots of quadric surfaces

Lab 4   (goes with Secs. 14.1--14.3)
Contour plots, and discontinuous mixed partial derivatives

Lab 5   (goes with Secs. 14.6, 14.7)
Finding extrema of a function

Lab 6   (goes with Sec. 14.8, which was not covered in class)
Introduction to Lagrange multipliers

Lab 7   (goes with Secs. 15.10 and 16.6)
Parametric surfaces and their animation

Last updated:     November 2013