Tinkertoy Walker: Videos and Graphics

Original Tinkertoy Walker graphics:
Schematic and photograph of the original Tinkertoy walker (subject of our PRL paper, "An Uncontrolled Toy That Can Walk But Cannot Stand Still").
Schematic (.eps 69k)        Schematic (.pdf 49k)        Photo (.gif 200k)

Tinkertoy Walker Videos:
Video recording of the original Tinkertoy walker and a newer version.
.mpg (3888k)

Penguin Toy Video:
Video recording of a penguin walking toy that can stand still (J. E. Wilson patent, 1938). Compare to the Tinkertoy walker.
.mpg (1299k)

Mike Civay's version of McGeer's 2D Kneed Walker Video

.mpg (40.9MB)

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