Summer 2013:  MATH 19 OL1:  Fundamental Concepts of Calculus I


Monday and Wednesday

5:30 PM until 9:00 PM

May 20, 2013 until June 26, 2013


MATH 19 is an introduction to limits and differential calculus with a wide variety of applications.  Students beginning MATH 19 already have solid algebra and geometry skills.  That means students have had two years of high school algebra and one year of high school geometry.  Upon successful completion of MATH 19, students are prepared to take MATH 20:  Fundamentals of Calculus II, (MATH 20).


Instructress: Joan Rosebush, (Rosi)

Office: Votey Hall 103

Telephone: (802) 656-8858

Fax: (802) 419-3847


Web-Site Address:



Live/Online Office Hours


Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM


If you need help, please ask!  If you wish to meet with me other than during my office hours, please e-mail me days and times that are convenient for you to meet.  I would be happy to make an appointment with you!



TEXTBOOK:  CALCULUS WITH APPLICATIONS, 10th Edition, by Lial, Greenwell, and Ritchey



Final grade for the class is based upon:

Quiz Average: 50%,

Mid-Term Grade:  30%, and

Final Examination: 20%.


FINAL EXAMINATION will be cumulative.

Wednesday, June 26th:  5:30 PM until 9:00 PM


Make-up quizzes are not given.  It is in your best interest to take every quiz, the mid-term, and the final examination.  If you miss any of these, you earn a 0% for it.


No make-up evaluations are given. 





You are expected to actively participate in this course.  Perfect attendance may help your final average in the class. Less than perfect attendance will not help your final grade. Comprenez-vous?

Do you require special accommodations? Please let me know by Friday afternoon, May 24, 2013, at 4:00 PM.  I would be happy to accommodate you!  









Learning Objectives


‘The Slope of a Straight Line’

‘The Slope of a Curve at a Point’

‘The Derivative’

‘Limits and the Derivative’

‘Differentiability and Continuity’

‘Some Rules for Differentiation’

‘More About Derivatives’

‘The Derivative as a Rate of Change’

‘Describing Graphs of Functions’

‘The First and Second Derivative Rules’

‘Curve Sketching (Introduction)’

‘Curve Sketching (Conclusion)’

‘Optimization Problems’

‘Further Optimization Problems’

‘Applications of Derivatives to Business and Economics’

‘The Product and Quotient Rules’

‘The Chain Rule and the General Power Rule’

‘Implicit Differentiation and Related Rates’

‘Exponential Functions’

‘The Exponential Function ex

‘Differentiation of Exponential Functions’

‘The Natural Logarithm Function’

‘The Derivative of ln x’

‘Properties of the Natural Logarithm Function’

‘Exponential Growth and Decay’

‘Compound Interest’

‘Applications of the Natural Logarithm Function to Economics’

‘Further Exponential Models’


‘Areas and Riemann Sums’

‘Definite Integrals and the Fundamental Theorem’

‘Techniques of Integration’