Stressed desserts.
"Dennis, Ava sinned."
"Wonton?" "Not now!"
"Damon lives, evil nomad!"
Wet snow? God! A dog won stew.
Marge let Aaron get, e.g., Nora a telegram.
Det. Serra saw Ma's DNA, and Sam was arrested.

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I want this T-shirt, but I'll probably get this one.

The story of my life: sad.

How Doonesbury made a case for Trump's travel ban.

I seldom quote celebrities, but here's a line I have to share: 
"I absolutely adore movies. Even bad ones. I don't like pretentious ones, but a good bad movie, you must admit, is great."
(Roddy McDowall, 1928-1998)

To commemorate 9/8/2016, the 50th anniversary of the day of days.

Michael Wilson
16 Colchester Ave., Room 304
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Fall 2017 office hours: Thursday, 1:30-2:30; Friday, 2:10-3:10; and by appointment.

Math 22B Class Page

Math 241 Class Page

My Fall 2017 schedule.

Do the natural numbers add up to -1/12, as this video claims? I wonder.

Have you ever wondered why UVM has so many vice-presidents? It's the Flying T!

Anyone for IBBAnyoneSomebody

Research interests: Fourier analysis, particularly Littlewood-Paley theory, and mostly the weighted kind.
To remind us of what people are doing ELSEWHERE, here are 7 years of PhD analysis qualifying exams from the
University of Maryland. Enjoy!

A New Yorker "Shouts and Murmurs" article. The author has no idea how smug (justifiably, in my opinion) this makes math people feel.

A recent science news story, and a German perspective.

I used to be the graduate director. You can't imagine how often this took place in my office.

I have some favorite topics for MS oral exams in analysis. Here they are.

Applications: signal processing (kind of), the Schroedinger operator (kind of). [This is really a classic example of begging the question, because now one must ask: What are those good for?]

Did you ever hear the one about the wavelet who got run over by a Hilbert transform?

For a selection of reasonably recent papers (and my CV), click here.

Assorted Non-Mathematical stuff.

Sometimes it's not so much what you say as what you leave unsaid.

Mr. Spock had human relatives. Why don't we ever see them, except for his mother? Hmm.

In May-June of 2014 I visited China as the guest of Professor Dachun Yang and Beijing Normal University. While there I made a side trip to Shanghai, where I stayed in the home of a friend, Darcy Jewett, and her sister Becky and brother-in-law Don. Here are some photos from my trip. Words cannot express my gratitude for all the hospitality shown me!

In 2006 I visited Spain. The visit itself was delightful, but getting there wasn't. You can read about the trip here.

Click here for a picture of America's sweetheart.

"A Door Left Open"; a short story (approximately 3900 words). 

"John Lennon is Dead" ; a short story (approximately 5700 words).  In PDF

"Procrustes Stretched"; an Ayn Rand Parody. In PDF

Three (slightly outdated) theories about the Millennium Problem (Y2K).

 Soliloquy : a teleplay (in PDF) for Deep Space Nine---unsold, alas.

"Departed Quantity"; a short story (approximately 6000 words).  In PDF

"The Celestial Guardians"; a short story (approximately 4500 words).  In PDF

``After returning from Japan''; a short-short (312 words) excerpted from the Japan memoir (see below). In PDF

 A short story, ``Command Peformance'' (approximately 6000 words), about Callisthenes (the nephew of Aristotle), who traveled with the army of Alexander the Great.  In PDF

``The Prospect of Winter Driving''; a short story (approximately 5400 words).   In PDF

 A short-short, ``Not Coming, Ever'' (approximately 550 words).  In PDF

A Japan Memoir (approximately 16,500 words). In PDF

Danny DeVito, playing James Bond, introduces himself.

 Click here for the infamous Titanic SNL sketch.

Join Thousand Points of Light, the unofficial Peggy Noonan fan club. Click here for a fine picture of The Lady.

 Twelve paranormal meditations. (Not a piano piece by Messiaen.)

 A deep thought.

 Liturgical Drama: Four New Yorker cartoons.

 Sites you never knew existed (guaranteed non-offensive):
`What did you call that park again?'
`Who was the guy who played that guy in that movie? You know? The one with the thing?'

 A few favorite poems (none of which I wrote---alas) [in ASCII].

 Used signatures.

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