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Jeff Frolik

Professor and Fulbright-ČVUT Distinguished Chair
Department of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering
University of Vermont

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering-Systems, The University of Michigan (1995)
M.S.E.E., University of Southern California (1988)
B.S.E.E, University of South Alabama (1986)
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Research Activities

co-PI: Packetized Energy Management: Coordinating Transmission and Distribution (2016-2019)
NODES summary
Collaborator: Michigan Tech

PI: GOALI: Collaborative Research: Integrated Antenna System Design for High Clutter and High Bandwidth Channels Using Advanced Propagation Models (2015-2019)
NSF ECCS-1508907
Collaborators: University of South Florida, Harris Corp., Lord-Microstrain

PI: MRI: Acquisition of a 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner for the Temporal-Morphological Study of Manmade and Natural Structures (2012-2014)
NSF CMMI-1229045

PI: GOALI/Collaborative Research: Passive, Diamagnetic Inertial Sensing Integrated with High-Sensitivity Telemetry (2009-2013)
NSF ECCS-0925728
Collaborators: University of South Florida, SRI

Co-PI: Emissions and Performance of Alternative Vehicles in Northern Climates (2007-2013)

Science-PI: 2010 Consortium Development Competition - The Vermont Frozen Landscape Monitoring Project (2010-2012)
Co-PI: Active Surface Technologies for Dust Mitigation in Martian and Lunar Environments (2008-2012)
Co-PI: 2009 Consortium Development Competition (2009-2011)

Engineering Education Activities

PI: Collaborative Research: A Systems-Centric Foundation for Electrical and Computer Engineering Education (2012-2015)
NSF DUE-1140450
Project Website
Collaborators: University of South Florida, Northern Arizona University, University of Hawaii, University of Minnesota

PI: Collaborative Project: MUSE - A Model for Undergraduate Learning of Complex-Engineered Systems (2007-2012)
NSF DUE-0717326
Project Website
Collaborators: University of South Florida, Northern Arizona University, University of Hawaii

PI: A Comprehensive, Laboratory-Enhanced Signals and Communications Curriculum (2003-2006)
NSF DUE-0310150
Project Website
See assembly of our screen room (IBM donation (12/04))


Spring 2017: Czech Technical University - Prague; Faculty of Engineering Science.
Fulbright Distinguished Chair

Fall 2012: University of Oxford; Department of Engineering Science.
Academic Visitor

AY 2008-2009: Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Lab (SNARL) operated by University of California - Santa Barbara.
Research Scientist

Instruction (Spring 2018)

EE 174: Communication Systems

Capstone Design Project Mentoring [Sponsor]

16. Next Generation Wind Sensor for Wind Resource Assessment [Renewable NRG Systems] (2015-2016)
15. Scour Monitoring System [Vermont Department of Transportation] (2015)
14. A LiPo Battery System for a Hybrid Racecar [UVM Clean Energy Fund/AERO] (2014-2015)
13. Green Outlet [UVM Clean Energy Fund] (2014-2015)
12. Autonomous Flying Robot [MITRE] (2013-2104)
11. An Upgraded Drive Train for a Zero Emissions Surveying Vehicle [NASA] (2013)
10. Situation Awareness via Automated Following Quadrotors [MITRE] (2012-2013)
9. A Portable System for Field Testing of Wireless Structural Health Sensors [NSF] (2012)
8. A Zero Emissions Vehicle for Greenland Scientific Surveying [NASA] (2011-2012)
7. AERO Electronic Shifter: Safe control of a hybrid transaxle [AERO] (2010-2011)
6. AERO Driver Interface: User interface for hybrid race-car [AERO] (2009-2010)
5. Mars Electric Dust Curtain: Electric dust curtain demonstration unit [NASA] (2009-2010)

4. SnowMAN 2.0 - An improved wireless platform for SWE monitoring (co-advised w/ C. Skalka) [NASA/VSGC] (2008-2009)

3. SnowMAN - A wireless sensor network for determining snow water equivalent [NASA/VSGC] (2007-08)
2. Formula Hybrid - Regenerative braking and control subsystem [AERO] (2007-2008)
1. BDPW - Tracking and prediction for snow plow routes [Burlington Department of Public Works] (2007-2008)

Spring 2017 at Czech Technical University - Prague

  • Wave Propagation for Wireless Links
  • Scientific Writing

    Courses Taught at UVM (most recent offering)

    EE 171: Signals and Systems (FA 2017)
    EE 302: Stochastic Processes (FA 2016)
    EE 278: Wireless Communication Systems (FA 2015)
    HCOL 185: Information Through the Ages (FA 2014)
    EE 273: Digital Communication Systems (FA 2014)
    EE 100: Electrical Engineering Concepts (SU 2013)
    EE 187/ME 185: Capstone Design I (FA 2013)
    EE 188/ME 186: Capstone Design II (SP 2014)
    EE 295: Wireless Sensor Network Design (FA 2011)
    EE 395c: Estimation Theory (FA 2010)
    EE 186: Telecommunications Lab (SP 2010)
    EE/ME 001: First-Year Design Experience (SP 2007)
  • More about CricketSats
  • Winning student designs
    EE 295b: ST: Wireless Sensor Networks (FA 2006)

    Student Organizations

    UVM's Alternative Energy & Racing Organization (AERO): Advisor (2006-2016)
  • Press: 2010 Race Report
  • Video: 2009 Race Report
  • Video: YouTube
  • Video: 24 hours in Loudon
  • Press: 2008 Race Report


  • Various info on Tablet PCs
  • Distributed team-based design teaching methods
  • Example QuickTime makeup lecture for EE 171 (right click here to download): Date 22-Oct-02
  • Interested in Graduate Studies? Here's a presentation giving the ins and outs and what you need to do now as an undergraduate (right click here to download PDF).
  • What does an electrical engineer do? Here's a presentation that gives one perspective (right click here to download PowerPoint).

  • Office: 315 Votey Hall
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    FAX: 802.656.3358
    E-mail: jfrolik@uvm.edu.

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