Jane Hill

Position: Principle Investigator

Research: Environmental microbiology and biotechnology.

More Information and Full Bio: Click here.

E-mail: jane.hill@uvm.edu


Courtney Giles

Position: Graduate Scholar

Research: The role of plant and bacterial organic anion production in soil phytate solubilization and cycling.

Honors: UVM James M. Jeffords Center Graduate Research Fellow (2010-2011)
UVM School of Engineering, Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year Award (2011)

E-mail: cdgiles@uvm.edu

Fun Activities: Climbing, trail-running, yoga, wine, cheese and chocolate.


Joshua Tyler

Position: Master's Candidate

Research: Advanced and Integrated Model of Phosphorous Loading from High Runoff Events.
Vermont Water Resources and Lake Studies Center Research Grant 2011-2012

Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Honors Society, University of Vermont Chapter, induction: Dec 2009
     o Secretary, 2010-2011
Chi Epsilon, Civil Engineering Honors Society, University of Vermont Chapter, induction: April 2009
     o President, 2010-2011
     o Treasurer, 2009-2010
     o Conclave Attendee and Participant, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 2010
Knight Engineering Scholarship 2009-2011
R Swenson Scholarship 2008-2011
URECA Summer Research Grant, 2009
Barrett Foundation Summer Research Grant, 2008

E-mail: jtyler@uvm.edu

Fun Activities: Playing basketball, running, hiking, traveling (when possible), cooking and snowboarding.


JiangJiang Zhu

Position: Doctoral candidate

Research: Development and Application of Secondary Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry (SESI-MS) for Rapid Pathogenic Bacteria Detection via Their Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Profiling.

Honors: Donghua University Minor Scholarship for Graduate Student (2006)
Donghua University Preeminent Student Leader Award (2002)

E-mail: jzhu@uvm.edu

Fun Activities: Reading, soccer, basketball, badminton and cooking.


Heather Bean, Ph.D.

Position: Post-Doctoral Associate

Research: Using mass spectrometry to identify key metabolites indicative of P. aeruginosa infections in the cystic fibrosis lung for the eventual development of a breath test for the infection.

Awards and Honors: 2012 ACS Green Mountain Local Section Chair, 2011 NACF Junior Investigator Best Abstract in Basic Science Award Finalist, 2011 MSACL Travel Award, 2010 Runner-up for an ACS Younger Chemist Committee Leadership Award, 2010 ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry Certificate of Merit, 2007 Georgia Tech Department of Chemistry Thesis Award

E-mail: heather.bean@uvm.edu

Fun Activities: Gardening, cooking, dancing, learning winter sports and traveling.


Kristi Herzer

Position: Masters Candidate

Research: Stress response of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to low shear altered gravity conditions using high aspect ratio bioreactors.

E-mail: kherzer@uvm.edu

Fun Activities: Photography, basketball, appreciating nature, working out, laughing, growing and cooking good food, camping, leisurely bike rides, yoga, hiking, introspection and self-improvement.


David Zhang

Position: Undergraduate Fellow

Research: Determining the impact of motility on bacterial adhesion process and swimming behaviors.

E-mail: jzhang4@uvm.edu

Fun Activities: Soccer (Arsenal FC) , Jay Chou, Basketball, Traveling, Eating, Karaoke.


Jaime Jiménez-Diaz

Position: Graduate Student, MsC.

Research: The impact of microgravity-grown Pseudomonas aeruginosa on human lung cells.

E-mail: jaimejimenezdiaz@gmail.com

Fun Activities: Any kind of sport, especially tennis and football (I mean soccer..). Enjoy good music, and sharing good meals with good people.


Yijian Zheng

Position: Masters Candidate

Research: In vitro selection of structure-switching signaling aptamers binding to 2-aminoacetophenone.

E-mail: yzheng1@uvm.edu

Fun Activities: Basketball, soccer and travelling.


Pierre Galea

Research: Identifying and quantifying the volatile fear response in humans.

E-mail: pierre.galea@uvm.edu

Fun Activities: Playing guitar, gym, hiking, other outdoor stuff (including attempting to snowboard) :)


Fiona Baird

Position: Post-doctoral fellow

Research: Microgravity effects on bacterial virulence and lung cell immune responses.

Awards and Honors:
Australian Postgraduate Award 2004
RMIT University OHS Award 2008
Deakin University Teaching Excellence Award 2010.

E-mail: fbaird@uvm.edu

Fun Activities: Read biographies of great people and events, travel the world and experience wonders, watch great movies with friends, challenge myself by bungee jumping and other extreme sports, and spending time with friends over a bottle of wine and some good cheese.


Justin Paluba

Position: Undergraduate Fellow

Research: Bacterial adhesion and motility.

E-mail: jpaluba@uvm.edu

Fun Activities: Wandering through nature, science and life in general..


Fred Naumann

Position: Undergraduate Biology major, class of 2012

Research: Investigating the volatile metabolic biomarkers of tuberculosis to improve and speed detection.

E-mail: fnaumann@uvm.edu

Fun Activities: Hiking, skiing, climbing, writing and fishing.