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Two Hill Lab Members Present Research At Soil Science Society of America
This November 2009, graduate students Courtney Giles and Nick Johnson present their research at the Soil Science Society of America Annual Meeting. Their research included the leachate phosphorus fractionation study of a poultry manure-amended Vermont soil and hydrolysis as a tool for measuring bioavailable P in dairy manure storage and treatment system, respectively. Congratulations Courtney and Nick!

Jared Hinrichs Presents Mass Spectrometry Research For Barrett Scholarship
Undergraduate scholar Jared Hinrichs presents his research for the Barrett Scholarship this September 2009 on the detection of legionella volatile metabolite fingerprint using electrospray ionization in mass spectrometry. Congratulations Jared!

Dr. Jane Hill Joins UVM Cell And Molecular Bio Program
As of August 2009, Dr. Jane Hill is now a member of the Faculty for the Cell and Molecular Biology Program at the University of Vermont. This interdisciplinary program is for students intending to do a Ph.D. or M.S. and involves colleges across campus including medicine, biophysics, chemistry, and now engineering.

Dr. Yin-Ming Kuo Joins The Hill Lab
We welcome a new post-doctoral fellow Dr. Yin-Ming Kuo this August 2009! His research will include rapid determination of volatile organic compounds during bacterial growth by ESI-MS. Congrats and welcome!

Graduate Student Kristi Herzer Joins The Hill Lab
We welcome a new graduate student Kristi Herzer this August 2009! Her research will include Determining the impact of P. aeruginosa, human lung epithelial cells, and the pathogen-host interaction when grown under low-shear simulated microgravity using a high-aspect-ratio-rotating bioreactor. When not in the lab, Kristi enjoys photography, basketball, appreciating nature, working out, laughing, growing and cooking good food, camping, leisurely bike rides, yoga, hiking, introspection and self-improvement. Congrats and welcome!

Jiangjiang Zhu Participates In IDeA Meeting
Graduate student Jiangjiang Zhu displayed his research this July 2009 on the rapid volatile compound detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa via modified electrospray ionization mass spectrometry at the IDeA Northeast Regional Meeting. He also displayed this research at the 238th ACS National Meeting later in the month in Washington, D.C.. Congratulations Jiangjiang!

Jiangjiang Zhu, Nick Johnson and Courtney Giles Present At ACS Meeting
Graduate students Nick Johnson and Courtney Giles compiled presentations for the 238th ACS National Meeting in Washington, D.C. this August 2009 on the respective topics of phosphorus composition of wet and dried poultry litter-amended soil by enzyme hydrolosis and solution 31P-NMR and of phosphorus mobility and transformation in a poultry manure-amended soil tracked over time and depth. Congratulations Nick and Courtney!

Dr. Bean Joins The Lab
This July 2009, we welcome a new post-doctoral fellow Dr. Heather Bean! Her research will include using mass spectrometry to identify key metabolites indicative of P. aeruginosa infections in the cystic fibrosis lung for the eventual development of a breath test for the infection. Some awards and honors that Heather has aquired before UVM include: Georgia Tech Department of Chemistry Thesis Award, Session Chair for the Gordon Conference on the Origin of Life, Co-Chair for the Gordan-Kenan Graduate Seminar on the Origin of Life, Suddath Award, and an Outstanding TA Award. Congrats and welcome!

Dr. Hill Participates In Phosphorus Forum
Dr. Jane Hill displayed her research titled, "Phytate: Movement and Transformation in the Landscape", at the Great Lakes Phosphorus Forum this July 2009. Congratulations!

Johanna Mayerhofer Presents Research
Undergraduate Johanna Mayerhofer presents her research this July 2009 on the characterization and purification of an extracellular phytase of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA14. Congrats on the hard work!