My partner and spouse, Lois Farnham, and I have decided that we need to plan and enjoy at least one adventure each year.  I believe that each adventure should enrich my life by doing at least one of the following:
       1.  Introduce me to a new culture.
       2.  Introduce me to a new ecosystem.
       3.  Allow me to experience new things.
       4.  Challenge me.
       5.  Allow me to provide service to others.
       6.  Be fun!

There are many parts of an adventure besides the obvious trip.  I have a great deal of fun hunting for and then planning the trip.  My daughter says that the first thing I do after we decide on a trip is go out and buy books.  She's correct, but I enjoy the learning and dreaming.  Of course, after the trip, it is fun to share with others.  That is one of the reasons for this.

  Everglades, December 2003 - January 2004 (page under construction)
 Haiti, February 2003
 Alaska, July 2001
 Iceland, March 2001
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, July 2000

Actually we tried.  We spent a week helping with trail maintenance with the Appalachain Mountain Club in the White Mountains.  It was a very bad experience and not worth the effort for a webpage.