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Our present research focus is on multiresolution and multiscale systems.
We are currently using wavelet-based multiresolution methods to bridge simulations from
the molecular to the macroscopic. (See most recent 2009 publication.)

Other problems that we are still working on are:

1. Automating methods for determining activation times in electrograms to aid in procedures for mapping the atrium.

2. Solving the colocalization problem, that is, determining the degree of overlap
of two different fluorescently labeled molecular species, such as proteins.
Our method uses wavelet decomposition to identify colocalized areas.

3. Novel uses of phase in signals.

4. Examining applications of new complex wavelet filters generated using
2D-analytic signals generated from analytic functions.

Multiscale Systems Image Processing Phase and WPT
Multiresolution in Multiscale
Wavelets & the Ising Problem
Protein Colocalization
Phase and WPT

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