Gagan Mirchandani, Ph.D.

Gagan Mirchandani i am a professor in the school of engineering. in the electrical and computer engineering program. i hold a secondary appointment in the computer science. all my degrees are in electrical engineering.

i teach, essentially, signal processing type courses. we apply wavelets to many things such as multiscale modeling, biomedical signal analysis, spectral estimation and removing signal from noise. i am also interested in global state estimation using local particle filtering.

some applied (funded) problems we have worked on are:
(i) tracking algorithms to operate on 2D video sequences; specifcally for counting pedestrians, bicyclists and cars at intersections.
(ii) feature detection, classification and localization using stereo vision, for autonomous Rover robot navigation and exploration.

we are currently investigating:
(i) compressed sensing for real time, low power aaplications, specifically in wearable sensors.
(ii) agent networks for distributed particle filtering.

the hardware part is done in the dsp labs where we implement signal processing and control algorithms on 320C6x dsps and the arduino microcontroller..