Course Outline
Math 10Z2: Pre-Calculus Mathematics:   Summer 2014

       Class Syllabus

  Meeting Times   Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays:    9:00 - 11:00am  in Kalkin 004
  Instructor   Prof. Daniel E. Bentil
  Office   25 Colchester Avenue  (Mansfield House) Room 305
  Phone numbers   656 - 3832 (office),  656 - 2940 (Department)
  Text PreCalculus (5th Edition)  + Enhanced WebAssign by J. Douglas Faires and J. DeFranza
  Material   Chapters 1 through 5  (See class syllabus link above)
  Prerequisite    Math 9
  Office Hours    Wednesdays:  11:30am - 1:00pm
    Other times: By appointment only
WebAssign Homework 300 points 30%
Quizzes & Exams 500 points 50%
Final Exam 200 points 20%
 Tests 1st Exam: 07/18/14;  Final Exam: 08/07/14

Math 10 is a requirement for some academic disciplines. It also aims at developing students' skills in working with numerical, algebraic, and trigonometric expressions in preparation for Math 21. Students who intend to sign up for Math 19 following a precalculus course are encouraged to register for Math 9, which is less rigorous than Math 10.

Course Expectation & Conduct: We shall cover most of Chapters 1 through 6 of the text. The purpose of our class meetings is to help you to obtain the core material that will allow you to learn through your own work outside the classroom. Therefore, an essential part of your {positive} learning process is to look for additional information from the library and other sources. The  precalculus textbook  assigned for Math 9  is highly  recommended alongside the  required textbook for Math 10.

Quizzes will be given from time to time. Homework will be assigned using the "Enhanced WebAssign: Cengage Learning" system. To Register for the online homework, use the Class Key: uvm 5170 4048. Please note that the class key starts with an institution code, followed by two sets of four digits.

All rules including student class conduct, cheating, attendance, etc. will be handled as required by the student code of conduct currently in effect. Should you miss a test due to illness or an emergency, you will be required to provide a note from your Dean's Office in order to be allowed to make-up on the tests. Students who require special accommodation must have a formal letter from Specialized Student Services and must also formally notify me of this need early in the term.

Students with Special Needs: Students with documented learning disabilities are entitled by law to certain reasonable accommodations. If you have a documented reason for special accommodations, you must provide written evidence of this as soon as possible from the appropriate office. No accommodations can or will be given without the documentation.