Catherine Bliss, Ph.D.


I am interested in dynamical processes on large, evolving complex networks. Many phenomena can be modeled as complex systems; systems from which emergent properties arise from nonlinear localized dynamics. With the increased availability of in situ network data, many questions of scientific interest previously addressed through analysis and simulation can now be explored through computation in a “big data” framework. I am especially interested in characterizing time-varying complex networks from incomplete or noisy data, the description and explanation of evolutionary network dynamics, and contagious processes on networks.

I am currently a lecturer in the Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science. My research interests affiliate me with the Vermont Complex Systems Center, the high performance computing cluster (Vermont Advanced Computing Core) and the Computational Storylab with Chris Danforth and Peter Dodds.

I earned my Ph.D. in Mathematics Sciences from the University of Vermont in 2014. My coursework and qualifying exams have spanned both pure (Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, and Abstract Algebra) and applied areas (Numerical Analysis, Differential Equations and Complex Systems).