Byung Suk Lee (photo)

Professor, Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences


bslee at uvm edu

Postal mail: Department of Computer Science, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT 05405, USA.

Phone: (802)656-1919

Office hours: 1:00pm-2:30pm TTh

Teaching (Spring 2017)

CS224 Algorithm Design and Analysis

CS124 Data Structures and Algorithms


Areas:  Query processing or mining from databases or data streams.

Advisees (in the reverse chronological order):

o    Current: Fayha Almutairy (PhD), Sang-Pil “Phil” Kim (postdoc), Prajwal Shrestha (MS).

o    Former: Ali Javed (MS), Saurav Acharya (PhD), Mohammed Al-Kateb (PhD), Tri Tran (PhD), Mamata Hegde (MS), Jiangyan He (MS), Zhen He (postdoc), Dennis Fuchs (MS), Songtao Jiang (MS), Li Chen (MS (co-advisor), OPT), Vinod Kannoth (MS).

Publications.  Funding.


UVM: Graduate College CS Graduate Program Coordinator, CS Graduate Committee.  CS Curriculum Committee.


o    Conferences: Program Committee (PAKDD’17, FLAIRS’17, SAC’17, SAC’16, SAC’15, SAC’14, APWeb’14, SAC’13, APWeb’13, SAC’12, SAC’11, EDB’10, CIKM’10, APWeb’10, ICDE’10, SSPS’09, ICDE’07, VLDB’06, CSI’05, DASFAA’04, ER’03, DASFAA’03, ICDE’03, CIKM’02, ER’01).  Workshop Organizer and Chair (SSPS’08). Publicity Chair (DASFAA’04, PAKDD’03).  Session Organizer and Chair (predictive modeling: CSI’05, CSI’03).

o    Funding agencies: NSF CAREER, ITR, IIS proposal review panels, DOE EPSCoR Conference panel on “Success Stories and Lessons Learned”.

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