Atmospheric Emissions and Air Pollution
Atmospheric Emissions and Air Pollution

Holmén Research Group

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Atmospheric Emissions and Air Pollution

Postdoctoral Fellows

----- NOVEMBER 15, 2006 ----

POST-DOC Position Available: Heterogeneous Chemistry of Airborne Particles (Start Date ~ June 2007)

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      Previous Fellows:

      • Zhong Chen (Post-doctoral scholar, Dec 2003 - Aug 2006). Vehicle-derived particle polar organic compound formation via reaction with ambient ozone and NOx.
      • Fukuya Iino (Dreyfus Post-doctoral scholar, Feb - Aug 2004) co-advised w/J. Helble. Ambient aerosol sulfate composition and formation processes.
      • Jin Young Shin (Post-doctoral scholar, Mar 2002 - Apr 2004). Herbicide gas/particle partitioning.
      • Ryoji Shiraki (Post-doctoral scholar, 2000-2001). Crystalline silica from stationary sources.
      • B. Todd Hefner (Post-doctoral scholar, 2000-2001). Lidar string calibration.
      • Juan Suro-Pérez (Post-doctoral scholar, 2000-2002). North Coast watershed runoff.
      • Birsen Buyuktas (Post-doctoral scholar, 1999-2000). North Coast watershed organic contaminants.

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      Ph.D. Candidate Supervision

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      Current Students:

      • Wenli Yang (Ph.D., expected Dec. 2006). Effect of field formulation on herbicide partitioning to soils and airborne particles. Currently a post-doc at UCDavis.
      • Yinge Qu (Ph.D. candidate 2004). Light-duty vehicle modal emissions.

      Previous Students:

      • Mingyan Zhou (Ph.D., entered Fall 2002; left UConn June 2003). Vehicle-derived nanoparticle composition.
      • Kathy Nanzetta (CEE, Ph.D. March 2004). Vehicle emissions modeling/ air pollution. Co-adviser with D. Niemeier (CEE) and C. Anastasio (Atmospheric Science).

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      Masters Student Supervision

      Current Students:

      • Andrew Weeks (M.S. Plan A, CEE). Modeling mobile source air toxic emissions in Connecticut with Mobile 6.

      Previous Students:

      • Derek Vikara (M.S. Plan A, ENVE August 2005). Hybrid diesel-electric transit bus PM emissions.
      • Yingge Qu (M.S., ENVE August 2004). Transit bus particle size distributions.
      • David Vail (M.S. ENVE Professional Practice, May 2004).
      • Saskia van Bergen (Ag & Environ Chemistry, M.S. 2003). Organic chemical signatures of on-road vehicle particulate matter by pyrolysis GC/MS and time-of-flight MS.
      • Amy Clymo (CEE, M.S. 2002). USDA herbicide-dust flux.
      • Kristine Kuhna (CEE, M.S. 2000) North Coast Watershed Metals in Road Runoff.



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      Undergraduate Researchers

      The following undergraduate students worked in my research group or under my direction while they were undergraduate students.

      • Michelle Przybylek (ENVE freshman) Diesel exhaust particle emissions modeling. Fall 2005. Spring 2006.
      • Samantha Scharpf (ENVE freshman) GC/MS of diesel exhaust polar compounds. Fall 2005. Spring 2006.
      • Christopher Shores (ENVE junior) Herbicide soil partitioning. Summer 2005.
      • Brad Harwood (ENVE freshman) Comparison of real-time particle emissions from diesel and hybrid electric transit buses, Spring 2004, Summer 2004.
      • Laura Radice (ENVE junior) Composition of polar organic compounds on vehicle-derived particulate matter, Summer 2003, Summer 2004.
      • Jason Lewandowski (ENVE junior) ELPI measurements of transit bus particulate matter, Summer 2003, Summer 2004.
      • Leslie Burton (CEE senior) Mobile source emissions literature research, Spring 2003.
      • Dan Seremet (ENVE senior) Characterization of Soil Resuspension Chamber, Spring 2003.
      • Tomasz Malinger (Student from Poland) Visiting researcher Summer 2002, Summer 2003.
      • Dan Seremet (ENVE junior) Preliminary proposed laboratory assessment of BTEX removal from contaminated soil by volatilization. Independent Study.
      • Erzsébet Pócsi (ENVE, graduate 2002) Particulate matter in the Grand Canyon: Effects on Visibility. Honors Thesis.
      • Jennette Sison (June 2000 received MPH at Univ. of Michigan) -- Hydroxamate siderophores and Fe(III) cycling in an anaerobic goethite medium.
      • Benjamin Ashbaugh (Computer Science Engineering, B.S. 2000, UCSD) -- Lidar Data Analysis Program correlation routine for wind analysis with lidar.
      • Rashi Gupta (CEE B.S.; currently: graduate student, Univ. of Texas) – “PM2.5 emissions near roadways.”UCD Undergraduate Research Conference oral presentation.
      • Elaine Moon (Environmental Resource Science; currently: graduate student, Oregon State University) – “Development of a tribal values index for wetlands.” UCD Undergraduate Research Conference oral presentation.
      • Christopher Van Wert (ME; currently graduate student at Stanford) -- Construction of a PM sampler for real-time monitoring of diesel bus emissions.
      • Charles Xie (CSE; currently senior, UCD) -- Lidar Data Analysis Program (LidarDAP) programming.
        Erik Merriman (CEE) “Is coal tar slurry an effective safeguard for lead soil contamination beneath model airport surfaces?” UCD Undergraduate Research Conference oral presentation.
      • Cindy Vahey (CEE) “Effect of surface particles on lead levels in stormwater runoff caused by discarded aviation fuel.” UCD Undergraduate Research Conference oral presentation.

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