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Hi, I'm a senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Vermont.

Tony Julianelle: 205 Mansfield House
       Office Phone: 656-43521
        home phone: 899-2211

Office Hours: Mondays,  Mondays, Wednesdays from  1 pm to 2 pm and by appointment.

After being born and raised in the New Haven, (Connecticut) area, I went to the University of
Chicago for my undergraduate degree.  Over the years I have received my three degrees
in three different states in three different decades.  In between my bachelor's and masters degrees
I worked a few years (with a lot of climbing thrown in) and was in the Peace Corps for 2 years
in Botswana.  After receiving my masters from Virginia Tech, I moved to the University of
Massachusetts (Amherst), where I worked on, and eventually finished, my ph.d.  My
dissertation was in an area of geometry known as Complex Manifolds. 

Outside of academics:  I enjoy distance running , although the word enjoy is not always
applicable, as well as skiing, (skiing where you have to hike).   Although I will never win a race, I take some pride
in the fact that I have now completed running races of 50 miles or longer in four different decades.   My running  has been cut  back due to  complications from an ill-advised knee surgery (my advice; talk to non-surgeons before getting any surgery).  I am still running but have been bicycling more; both to commute to work and for recreation.  Recently, a friend (even older then I am) and I  did a LAMB ride.

I make one or two trips to Tuckermans every year, although I have not skiied center headwall since I became a father.
I used to climb a lot, but that activity has been dormant for the last couple of years.  I do still
hike some, (including the Long Trail, north to south in 1991).

I am also on the faculty of VMI (Vermont Math Initiative).  This is a degree program here at UVM
where elementary school teachers learn more mathematics.  The idea is that you want someone
skilled in mathematics, teaching mathematics.  The program also has a leadership and a research
project part.  My interest in education has lead to run for the school board of Underhill Central
School.  Since I ran unopposed, I did manage to win.  I have been reelected four times, all times unopposed.

One last note.  I continue to search for the best pizza in Vermont.  Send me your recommendations.  I have found one place that I consider worthy of  the name apizza (pronouned abeetz).  Not quite Wooster St; but still pretty good.

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