Photo courtesy of
			Arne Bomblies

Current Group Members

Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed, Post-doctoral fellow

Dr. Mohammed's research is focused on the impacts of climate and land use change in Vermont, and is part of the Vermont EPSCoR Regional Adaptation to Climate Change (RACC) project.

Jody Stryker, PhD candidate

Ms. Stryker's research is focused on modeling of the streambank sediment addition into rivers during high flow events as part of the Vermont EPSCoR RACC project. Her field site is in the Mad River Valley. When she is not working, Jody can be found jumping out of airplanes.

Justin Guilbert, PhD candidate

Mr. Guilbert's research seeks to characterize the nature of extreme flow events. This work involves a detailed study of the contributions of various hydrological processes to nonstationarity in flow, particularly extreme events. Justin is part of the Vermont EPSCoR RACC project. Justin is an avid skier, kayaker and mountain biker.

Cam White, MS student

Mr. White's research focus is on the nature of precipitation changes in Vermont, with a particular focus on spatial patterns of precipitation and their hydrological implications.

Past Group Members/Graduates

Josh Tyler, MS 2014

Topographic controls of nonpoint phosphorus pollution in the Lake Champlain Basin. Currently employed at the Chittenden Solid Waste District.

Christine Gingras, MS 2013

Topographic controls of malaria vector populations. Currently employed as an agricultural engineer at the State of Vermont.

Jody Stryker, MS 2012

Land use and malaria transmission in Asendabo, Ethiopia. Currently a PhD candidate.