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Theses and Dissertations

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Christopher L. Palombini2012Ph.D.EEElectromagnetic Precursors in Complex Layered Media
Alexander Doster Hilshey2012MSEEElectric Vehicle Charging: Distribution Transformed Impacts, Smart Charging, and Transportation Modeling
Katherine Gallo2012MSEEAn Error Analysis of 3-D Electromagnetic Trackers
Courtney D. Giles2012Ph.D.CEEThe Role of Plant and Bacterial Organic Anion Production in the Bioavailability of Myo-Inositol Hexakisphoshate: Implications for Soil Phosphorus Cycling and Agricultural Nutrient Mitgation
Jürgen Uhl2012MSMEPyrolysis Investigation in an ICP Torch Facility
Vandana Sakamuri2012MSEEA 2.4 GHZ Interrogator for a Passive Rectenna Based Wireless Sensor
Kofi Adu Asante2012Ph.D.EELight Trapping Heteroepitaxial Thin-Film Photovoltaic
Mark Joseph Suozzo2012MSCEEQuantifying the Effects of Testing Procedures and Evaluating the Performance of Pervious Concrete in Vermont
Stephen J. Widdis2012MSMEComputational and Experimental Studies of Catalytic Decomposition of H202 Monopropellant in Mems-based Micropropulsion Systems
Jianhong Cui2012Ph.DMEMultiple Sensor Periodic Nondestructive Evaluation on Concrete Bridge Deck Maintenance
David A. HurleyMay, 2012MSMEEmbedded and Remote Systems for Damage Detection, Assessment, and Repair
Jody StrykerJanuary, 2012MSCEEThe Effects of Land Cover Change on Pool Persistence and Malaria Transmission in the Highlands of Ethiopia
Andrew Robert VizeJanuary, 2012MSEEDesign, Fabrication, and Characterization of a Corona Ionizer for an In-situ Engine Exhaust Spectrometer
Benjamin J. GreenfieldJanuary, 2012MSMENumerical Simulations of Multiphase Flow in Supersonic Micro-Nozzles
Mitchell K. RobinsonMay, 2011MSCEESecond-by-Second On-Board Real-World Particle Number Emissions for Comparble Conventional and Hybrid-Electric Gasoline Vehicles in a City Driving Environment
Auston MaynardMay, 2011MSMEParticle Removal from a Surface by a Bounded Vortex Flow
Malina W. EvanMay, 2011MSMEMechanical Behavior of Atomically Thin Graphene Sheets Using Atomic Force Microscopy Nanoindentation
Terence BarrettOctober, 2011MSCEEDevelopment and Characterization of a Microfabricated Device for Real-Time Measurement of the Size and Number of Airborne Ultrafine Particles
Amanda Marie CasariOctober, 2011MSEEDesign and Empirical Evaluation of Coupled Power and Information System Networks
Xi OuyangOctober, 2011MSEEA Lab Environment for Object Detection and Tracking
Andrew J. LutzOctober, 2011MSMEInvestigation of CN Production From Carbon Materials in Nitrogen Plasmas
Leonie CowleyOctober, 2011MSMEMechanical Role of Phospholipid Bilayers in Boundary Lubrication of Synovial Joints
Dylan BurnsOctober, 2011Ph.DMEAmbulartory Lordosimeter Measurement and Feedback Control of Seated Posture
Dongmin QianOctober, 2011MSMEEfficiency Analysis f Solar Panel Dust Mitigation Using an Electric Curtain
M. Ryan McDevittOctober, 2011MSMENumerical Study of Disperse Monopropellant Microslug Formation at a Cross Junction
Maximillian DoughertyOctober, 2011MSMESurface Catalyzed Recombination Reactions for High Speed Mars Atmosphere Entry
Andrea Rebecca PearceJanuary, 2011Ph.D.CEECombining Computational and Human Neural Networks: Using modified Self-Organizing Maps to Expore Surface and Subsurface Hydrochemical and Biologgical Datasets
Cabot R. SavidgeJanuary, 2011MSCEECharaterization of Porous Building Materials for Agent Transfport Predictions Using Artifical Neural Networks
Bree R. MathonJanuary, 2011Ph.D.CEEAssessing Uncertainty Associated with Groundwater and Watershed Problems Using Fuzzy Mathematics and Generalized Regression Neural Networks
Nicholas Russell JohnsonJanuary, 2011MSCEESoil Organice Phosphorus Classificaion Using High Throughput Enzymatic Hydrolysis
John Thomas Evans IIIJanuary, 2011MSEEA Wavelet-based Accerlerated Monte Carlo Algorithm for Multiscale Simulation of the Ising Model
Walten OwensJanuary, 2011MSMEDevelopment of a 30K W Inductively Coupled Plasma Torch for High Temperature Aerospace Material Testing at UVM
Nirav DaphtaryMay, 2010MSBioMedLung Impedance Measurements Using Tracked Breathing
Karthikeyan BalasubramaniamMay, 2010MSEECriticality in a Cascading Failure Blackout Model
Hua ChenMay, 2010Ph.D.EEInvestigation of Contaminant Transport in Tidally-Infulenced Aquifers: Experiment and Analysis
Shruti SharmaMay, 2010MSEESpectral Analysis of Atrial Fibrillation Electrongrams
Ana BarbirOctober, 2010Ph.D.BioMedMechanobiology of the Rat Intervertebral Disc in Compression and Torsion
Benji WalterOctober, 2010MSBioMedInjurious Asymmetric Compression Loading in a Large Animal Explant Model Induces Actue Tissue and Cellular Changes
Jaron L. BorgOctober, 2010MSCEEStreambank Stabilty and Sediment Tracing in Vermont Waterways
Michael E. NadlerOctober, 2010MSMEExperimental Measurement of Mixing Lengths of Converging Particulate Flows in a Microchannel
Nicholas M. VachonOctober, 2010MSMEA Bound Vortex Surface Impingement Method for Adhered Dust Particle Removal
Xiaolin RenJanuary, 2010MSBioMedEffect of Tai Chi Training on Standing Balance Control in Elders at Risk of Falls
George Nox McCain, Jr.January, 2010MSCEEAn Investigation into Porous Concrete Pavements for Northern Communities
N. Tucker StevensJanuary, 2010MSCEEObservations on the Atmospheric Aging of PAHS Adsorbed to Diesel Particulate Matter and Quartz Fiber Filters at an Atmospherically Relevant Ozone Concentration
Gregory Frank Sutton HewittJanuary, 2010MSMEA Computational Investigation of Particle Focusing and Dispersion in Corrugated Tubes
Lindsay A. GeorgeFebruary, 2009Ph.D.CEECharacterization of unsaturated Soils Using Acoustic Techniques
Saba A. HannaFebruary, 2009Ph.D.EE & CSDesign and Measurement Evaluations of a very Low Frequency Magnetic Field Detector in Different Environments
Saba A. HannaFebruary, 2009Ph.D.EE & CSDesign and Measurement Evaluations of a very Low Frequency Magnetic Field Detector in Different Environments
Corinna Sue ThompsonFebruary, 2009MSMEAnalysis of Spectrally Resolved Shock-Layer Emmision
Benjamin Lincoln SchwartzOctober, 2009MSBioMedParallel vs. Serial Modeling of Murine Lung Mechanics
Lance E. BesawOctober, 2009Ph.D.CEEAdvances in Artificial Neural Networks with Applications in Surface and Subsurface Hydrology
Matthew R. ErnestOctober, 2009MSCEEAssessment of the Breeding Barn Roof Structure Using Truss Member Resonant Frequencies and Computer Modeling
Jose Eduardo Cotilla SanchezOctober, 2009MSEEA complex Network Approach to Analyzing The Structure and Dynamics of Power Grids
Scott HillOctober, 2009MSEEGrowth and Charcterization of GaSb Quantum Dots Grown on Silicon Substrates
Keith PelletierOctober, 2009MSEERu0? Nanorod Growth Depndence on Substrate Material and Process Conditions
William Frederick LouisosOctober, 2009Ph.D.MENumerical Studies of Viscous Flow in Supersonic Micronozzles
Justin W. McCabeOctober, 2009MSMEMonopropellant Fuel Injection Using Two-Phase Micro-Slug Formation
Arthur James MichalekOctober, 2009Ph.D.MEStructural Influcences of Damage to the Internertebral Disc Anulus Fibrosus at Multiple Scales
James L. RossMay, 2008Ph.D.CEEApproximate Reasoning in Hydrogeological Modeling
Mete ErturkMay, 2008Ph.D.EEThe Bias Dependence of CMOS 1/F Noise Statistics, its Modeling and Impact on RF Circuits
Nathan MailleFebruary, 2008MSCEEAssessing the Roof Structure of the Breeding Barn Using Truss Member Resonant Frequencies
David HurleyFebruary, 2008MSMELaser Copper Plasma X-ray Source Debris Characterization
Changfei ChenOctober, 2008MSEEFootprint Modeling and Connectivity Analysis for Wireless Sensor Networks
Stephen DiStasiOctober, 2008MSEEIn SITU Measurement and Emulation of Severe Multipath Environments
Virginie DupontOctober, 2008Ph.D.MEMultiscale Modeling of Contact Plasticity and Nanoindentation in Nanostructured FCC Metals
Bertrand RollinOctober, 2008Ph.D.MEOn the Influence of Large Scale Forcing and Flow Topology on the Dynamics of Small-Scale Turbulent Transport
Zhiqiang LiMay, 2007MSCEEApplications Using the Ordinary and Extended Kalman Filter to Characterize Groundwater Contaninant Sources
Sarang S. RanadeMay, 2007MSCEEA Decision Support System and New Warrants for Left Turn Lane Installation at Unsignalised Intersections
Dulcie Languerand LagiesMay, 2007MSMEMultiscale Investigation of the Mechancial Properties of High Strength Polymeric Fibers
Adis Zili?May, 2007MSMENumerical Simulations of Supersonic Flow in a Linear Aerospike Micro Nozzle
Emily Hazel HackettFebruary, 2007MSCEENAPL Behavior During Soil Heating
Mark C. Smith, P.E.February, 2007MSCEECalibrating Microscopic Traffic Simulation Models - Two Cases: 1) A Large Scale, County Wide Network, and 2) A Modern Roundabout
Mohamed ElfataouiFebruary, 2007Ph.D.EE & CSAnalytic Signals from Analytic Functions and Low Level Image Processing
Mohamed ElfataouiFebruary, 2007Ph.D.EE & CSAnalytic Signals from Analytic Functions and Low Level Image Processing
James Michael KayFebruary, 2007Ph.D.EEEnergy and Channel Efficient Control of Wireless Sensor Network Clusters
Mariette AwadOctober, 2007Ph.D.E & CSOnline Machine Learning Using Support Vector Machines
Mariette AwadOctober, 2007Ph.D.E & CSOnline Machine Learning Using Support Vector Machines
Richard Patrick KetchamOctober, 2007MSEECharacterization and Mitigation of Hyper-Rayleigh Fading
Di MuOctober, 2007MSEEData Dependent Jitter Characterization
Jack R. SmithOctober, 2007Ph.D.EEEffective Built-in Self-Testing of FPGA Interconnect Resources
Jacob R. LubinskiOctober, 2007MSMEBiomechanical and Swelling Behaviors of the Intervertebral Disc in Varying Osmotic Environments
Adam WigdalskiOctober, 2007MSMENumerical Simulations of Convection in a Cavity Driven by an Oscillating Heated Boundary
Aaron D. PowersMay, 2006MSBioMedEvoked Potentials of Auditory Feedback During Vocalization in Stutteres
Jessica S. ClarkMay, 2006MSCEELinking Stream Channel Geomorphology and Aquatic Habitat Quality Using Two Dimensional Hydraulic Modeling
Xinyu WeiMay, 2006Ph.D.CEELong-term Monitoring Network Design Evaluation Using an Intermediate-Scale Groundwater Facility
Paula J. MouserMay, 2006Ph.D.CEEImproving Detection and Long-Term Monitoring Strategies for Landfill Leachate Contaminated Groundwater with Molecular Based Microbiological data using Geostatistics and artificial Neural Networks
Lance E. BesawMay, 2006MSCEEParameter Estimation and Conditional Simulation Using a Counterpropagation Artifical Neural Network
Christopher I. FitzhughMay, 2006MSEEMultipath Characterization of Enclosed Environments
Kevin D. StevensonMay, 2006MSMEElectrochemical Synthesis and Mechancial Properties of Nickel Nanostructures
Tim FennesseyMay, 2006MSMSThe Effect of Hydrogen Passivation On HeteroEpitaxial Gallium Antimondie Grown on Silicon and Versulite
Jacob H. GalbreathMarch, 2006MSEEChannel Allocation Strategies for Wireless Sensors Statically Deployed Multipath Environments
David PallerFebruary, 2006MSBioMedAn Accuracy Assessment of the UMRSA System and a Three Dimensional Comparison of Nailed Osteopenic Femurs with Supracondylar Fractures
Dylan BurnsFebruary, 2006MSMEAerolastic Mechanics of Thin Film Membranes in Proximity Lithography
Graham Thornton SpencerFebruary, 2006MSMEComposite Drive Shaft Dynamic Response Optimization
Danica W. LefeverOctober, 2006MSCEEComparison of Streambank Retreat, Geomorphic Condition and Bank Stability Model Results in Vermont Streams
Benji CapsutoOctober, 2006MSEECharacterization and Impact of Radio Signal Variation for Statically Deployed Wireless Sensors
Raphael K. SulleyOctober, 2006Ph.D.EEAnalytical Modeling of the Temperture Dependence in the Subthreshold Regime of Double-Gate FinFETs
Spencer MorseJanuary, 2006MSCEEUsing Case-Based Reasoning to Predict the Impact of Variable Message sign Diversion
Christina M. CianfraniMay, 2005Ph.D.CEELinking Stream Geomorphology, Watershed Condition, and Aquatic Ecosystem Health
Xiaoguang WangMay, 2005MSCEELaterial Torsional Vibrations of Rails
Brent BartlettMay, 2005MSMEDesign of a Microturbine Driven by Catalytically Decomposed Hydrogen Peroxide
Michael W. CrossMay, 2005Ph.D.MSPhysical and Electrical Characteristics of Magnetron Sputtered Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Thin Films
Charles D. MarkMarch, 2005MSCEEPredicting Experienced Travel Time for Freeway and Arterial Systems: An Artifical Neural Network Approach
Francesco FedeleFebruary, 2005Ph.D.CEENovel Numerical Techniques for Problems in Engineering Science
Debra Chenet MiltonOctober, 2005MSBioMedThe Biomechanics of Selected Tai Chi Gait: A Comparison to Normal Gait in Young and Elderly Subjects
T. Justin CampbellOctober, 2005MSEEFPGA-based Low Cost Jitter Measurement Circuits for Mixed Signal Production Test
Casey L. KoreckiOctober, 2005MSMEDevelopment of an Organ Culture System for Evaluating Damaging Compression Loading on Intervertebral Disc Explants
Jeffrey J. MacLeanMay, 2004MSBioMedAn Analysis of the Metabolic Activity of the Intervertebral Disc Under In VIVO Dynamic Compresson
Melissa McKayMay, 2004Ph.D.CEEComputationally Based Investigation of Alcohol Assisted Bioremediation
Jonathan MillerMay, 2004MSMERobotic Systems for Inspection and Surveillance of Civil Structures
Matthew N. DeWolfeMarch, 2004MSCEEStreambank Erosion: Quantificaiton and Management in the Lake Champlain Basin of Vermont
Thang NguyenMarch, 2004Ph.D.EEGrowth of GASB on a Variety of Substrate Materials
Mohamed ElfataouiFebruary, 2004MSEE & CSDiscrete Time Analytic Signal with Improved Shiftability
Mohamed ElfataouiFebruary, 2004MSEE & CSDiscrete Time Analytic Signal with Improved Shiftability
Seli James Agbolosu-AmisonOctober, 2004MSCEEValidating Traffic Simulation Models to Inclement Weather Travel Conditions with Applications to Arterial Coordinated Signal Systems in Northern New England
Linda M. MayerOctober, 2004MSEETarget Tracking Algorithms for Distributed Sensor Networks
Matthew T. McGarryOctober, 2004Ph.DMENumberical Simulations of Arterial and Venous Bleeding
James Osborne PlumptonOctober, 2004MSMEActive Membrane Masks for Improved Overlay Performance in Proximity Lithography
Vera AmponsahOctober, 2004MSMSCapacitance-Voltage Measurements for Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Gate Dielectrics Use in Next Generation MOS Devices
Amy L. RoyMay, 2003MSBioMedA Biomechanical Model of Spinal Loading During Isometric Extension at Various Sagittal Postures
Timothy R. HarrisMay, 2003MSMEGeometric Effects on Separation Surfaces in Coverging Microchannel Flows
Bhaskar ShresthaMarch, 2003MSEESimulation of Mosfets for Low Voltage Operation
Kwaw S. AndamOctober, 2003MSCEEComparing Physical Habitat Conditions in forested and Non-Forested Streams
Andrew FredmanOctober, 2003MSCELung Strain Profiles Using Comp-uted Tomography Elastography
Seth MaciejowskiOctober, 2003MSEEDevelopment of Low Cost, Low Power Wireless Sensor Network
Victor KosmopoulosOctober, 2003MSMETrabecular Bone Damage and Repair
David H. WhitneyJanuary, 2003MSCEEThe Effect of Aeration on the Treatment of Organic and Nitrogen Compounds in a Laboratory Scale Constructed Wetland System
Kathleen Doherty WhiteMay, 2002Ph.D.CEEDissolved Oxygen Processes Under River Ice Covers
Yingqi ZhangMay, 2002Ph.D.CEEOptimal Design of Groundwater-Quality Monitoring Networks
Rebecca CoulsonMay, 2002MSMEEffects of Smooth Muscle Cell Activation and Ischemia on the Mechanical Properties of Cerebral Arteries
Mark S. MillerMay, 2002Ph.DMELocomotor Activity of Drosophila Melanogaster (Fruit Flies) During Microgravity and Hypergravity Exposure
Ji?í V. Kabelá?May, 2002MSMSGrowing Yttria Stabilized Zirconia on Si(001) and its Characteristics as an Electronic Material
Karen L. RicciardiMay, 2002Ph.D.MSOptimal Groundwater Remediation Design Subject to Uncertainty
Wei LiuApril, 2002MSBioMedBiomechanical Analysis of Tai Chi Step and Normal Walking: Joint Kinematics, Muscle Activation and Ground Reaction Force
Andrea KvasnakMarch, 2002MSCEEDevelopment of an Integrated Transportation Management System for Chittenden County
Andrea PorterMarch, 2002MSCEEProcesses Affecting the Fate of Nonylphenol During Wastewater Treatment
Xingle WangMarch, 2002MSCEMetamerism Breaking in Color Machine Vision
Daniel P. FotyMarch, 2002MSMSLong-Term Current Transients in Mosfets at Low Temperatures
Daniel P. FotyMarch, 2002Ph.D.MSLong-Term Current Transients in Mosfets at Low Temperatures
Megan J. MacLennanOctober, 2002MSBioMedThe Effects of Pressure and Shear on Inert Particle Uptake in the HumanSaphenous Vein
Maria P. PapadopoulouOctober, 2002Ph.D.CEEEnhanced Methodology for the Solution of Groundwater Management Problems
Kevin J. RohyansOctober, 2002MSMEQuasi-Static Profiles of a Compound Drop Growing From a Submerged Concentric Needle Arrangement
David HortonOctober, 2002MSMSModification and Improvement of a Photoluminescence System for Characterization of Thin Film Material
John WorthenMay, 2001MSCEEFreeze Thaw Effects on the Consolidation Characteristics of a Fine Grained Soil
John Robert GossMay, 2001MSEEA High Speed, Low Voltage CMOS Built-In Current Sensor
Xuling LuoMay, 2001Ph.D.EE & CSPhase and the Wreath Product Transform Some Applications and an Extension
Thomas E. ObremskiMay, 2001Ph.D.EEAdvanced Non-Concurrent Bist Architectures for Deep Sub-micron Embedded Macros
David R. StaufferMay, 2001Ph.D.EEGeneration of Static Timing Analysis Models for Digital ASIC Cores
Anthony StewardMay, 2001MSMEMaterial Structural Characterization Using Dynamic System Analysis
Peter Traneus AndersonOctober, 2001Ph.D.EEA Source of Accurately Calculable Quasi-Static Magnetic Fields
Zhi HeOctober, 2001MSMEQuantitative Sonographic Prostate Cancer Characterization
Sean Gilligan ReidyOctober, 2001Ph.D.MSPlasma Enhanced Processing of Silicon for Electronic and Optical Device Applications
Aaron Harris MandellMay, 2000MSCEEDevelopment of a Three-Dimensional Aquifer Flow and Transport Model for the Identifications of Well Pollution Sources
Metin M. OzbekMay, 2000Ph.D.CEERisk Based Remedial Design: Utilizing Expert Opinion on Groundwater Driven Health Risk
Sterling Sean RookeMay, 2000MSMSComponent Criteria of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Communication Systems and Fiber Optic Sensors
David Huan LeeMarch, 2000MSEEDevice Test Power Supply Stability Analysis
Jing Qiong HuMarch, 2000MSMEGood Imedance Match Antenna (GIMA) Design and its Applications for Ground Penetrating Radar in Concrete Structures NDE Applications
Michael K. PattersonMarch, 2000Ph.DMEThe Geometric Dependence of the Thermal Conductivity of Heterogeneous Media
Wolfgang SauterOctober, 2000Ph.DMEThin Film Mechanics Bulging and Stretching
Daniel G. BrownMay, 1999MSBioMedThe Biomechanics of Functional Knee Bracing on Subjects with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Deficient Knees During Non-Weightbearing and Weightbearing Conditions
Elizabeth E. StopfordMay, 1999MSCEEInvestigation of Byproduct Formation and Changes in Kinetic Properties During the Treatment of Two Cholorinated Compounds Using Reactive Iron Media
Patrick Andrew SullivanMay, 1999MSCEEHierarchical Artifical Neural Networks for Regionalized Cokriging
John E. LeckyMay, 1999Ph.D.EEA Cognitive Computing Architecture
Carl John CarneyMay, 1999Ph.DMEOptimization of Mechanical Hardness of ECR Enhanced Reactively Sputtered TiN Films Through a Systematic Investingation of Process and Material Structure
Noel V. PelczarskiMay, 1999MSMECure Monitoring of Composite Laminates Used in the Manufacturing of Snowboards
Anthony C. SperanzaMay, 1999MSMSDiffusion Effects During Rapid Thermal Annealing of 0.18 um Lightly Doped Drin ION Implants
Hongxun ZhouMarch, 1999MSCEEInvestigation of Alcohol Recovery From an Alcohol/Water/Chlorinated Solvent Mixture Using Activated Carbon
Sanjoy BhattacharyaOctober, 1999MSBioMedStructural Changes Accompanying Removal of the Myosin Regulatory Light Chain Extension in Drosophila: An X-ray Diffraction Study
Daniel S. DeCesareOctober, 1999MSEEA Byzantine Resilient Fault-Tolerant Interface Between the FDDI Network and the VMEBUS Back Plane
Sarah K. YoungOctober, 1999MSMEPin-On-Disk and Functional Wear Testing of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene: Effects of Surface Patterning and Oxidation Level
Elizabeth Ann CampoMay, 1998MSBioMedPosture, Gender, and Task Dependent Truck Strength and IEMG Activity During Isometric Flexion and Extension in the Sagittal Plane
Thoms Christian DahlMay, 1998MSBioMedPredicing and Reducing Sagittal Plane Forces on the Knee During Alpine Skiing
Susuanne M. ConklinMay, 1998MSCEEA Parallel Implementation of an Optimal Groundwater Management Model
Charles R. FarrellMay, 1998MSCEERemoval of Residula Tetrachloroethylne From Homogenous and Layered Heterogeneous Soil Systems Using Alchol Flushing
Parminder K. PadgettMay, 1998MSCEEMobilization of Residula Tetrachloroethene During Alochol Flushing of Clay Containing Porous Media
David A. BarkerMay, 1998MSEEFiber Optic Impact Detection Sensors Embedded in Fiberglass Composite
Vikas M. SharmaMay, 1998MSEEComparison of Two EMG Signal Processing Techniques for Assessing Muscle Fatigue
Hong XiaoMay, 1998Ph.D.EEUltrawidband Pulse Propagation in Complex Dispersive Media
Rakesh SaxenaMay, 1998Ph.D.MEA Three-Dimensioal Finite Element Scheme to Investigate the Apparent Mechanical Properties of Trabecular Bone
Robert B. Church BSMay, 1998MSMEAcceleration Profiles for Quantificaiton of Lifting Technique
Matthew W. DemingMay, 1998MSMSEpitaxial Growth of Silicon and Erbium Doped Silicon by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
Daniel S. FischerMay, 1998MSMSLamb-Wave Ultrasonic Sensor
Dac C. PhamMay, 1998Ph.D.MSSelective Device-Temperature Scaling for Optimum Power-Delay Product in Mosfet Circuit Design
John Arthur MarozasMarch, 1998Ph.D.EEAngular Spectrum Representation of Ultrawideband Electromagnetic Pulse propagation in Lossy, Dispersive Dielectric Slab Waveguides
Jeffrey S. LilléMarch, 1998Ph.D.MSDevelopment of Heteroepitaxial Oxide Layers on Silicon via Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
Lori Rosanna NylandOctober, 1998Ph.D.BioMedSurface Morphology and Transverse Stiffness of Drosophila Indirect Flight Muscle Myofibrils Measured by Atomic Force Microscopy
Benjamin Sooyoung UhOctober, 1998MSBioMedThe Effect of Weightbearing and Bracing on Anterior-Posterior Knee Laxity: The Introduction of the Vermont Kness Laxity Device and a Direct Comparison with the KT-1000 Arthrometer and Planar Stress Radiography
David F. NortonOctober, 1998MSBioMedAnalysis of the EMG Response of Preactiviated Truck Muscles to Transient Perturbation Loading
Julie A. MartinOctober, 1998MSBioMedThe Mechanical and Viscoelastric Behavior of the Rabbitt Medial Collateral Ligament
Mengchun YuOctober, 1998Ph.D.CEESuccessive Partial Variation Relaxation for the Total Variation Method to Electrical Resistance Tomography Data Inversion in a Bayesian Context
Chris C. KhamneiOctober, 1998Ph.D.EEOpen Unstable Optical Resonator Mode Field Theory
Orpheous W. NelsonOctober, 1998MSEEAn Investigation into Sensing Using Resonant Cavities
Michael A.K. LiebschnerOctober, 1998Ph.DMEHydraulic Strengthening and Intrinsic Permeability Coefficient of Cortical Bone Tissue
Theodore P. LillysMay, 1997MSCEEOptimal Piping Networks for Subsurface Remediation Designs
Harold C. LinnemeyerMay, 1997MSCEEDetermination of Coal Tar Saturation Using the Partitioning Interwell Tracer Test
Alessandro M. PalauMay, 1997Ph.D.EEImplementing Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
Paul Stephen AndryMay, 1997Ph.D.MSTowards the Development of a Silicon Based Infrared Emitter: Growth and Characterization of Erbium Doped Silicon Deposited by Mo-Pecvd
Brad C. JamesMarch, 1997MSCEETesting the Energy Performance of Historic Windows in a Cold Climate
Christopher P. TrapeniMarch, 1997MSCEEA Two Dimensional Implicit Flux Corrected Transport Algorithm
Dennis HoyniakMarch, 1997MSMSMeasured Electron Mobility in Mosfet Channels as a Function of Lateral Fields
Margaret J. EppesteinOctober, 1997Ph.D.CEEEfficient Data Inversion for Large Multi-Dimensional Problems Using an Approximate Extended Kalman Filter with Data Drivn Zonation
Terence A. GooleyOctober, 1997MSCEEA Finite Element Time-Integrated Transport Model Using the Laplace Transform and Implications for Risk Management and Assessment
Chaoyu JinOctober, 1997MSEEThe Dependence of the Approximation Error on the Sample Size for Feed-Forward Neural Networks
Xianguan LiOctober, 1997MSEEControlling Traffic Signals at Isolated Intersections Using Q-Learning
Christopher S. AdamOctober, 1997MSMEGround Penetrating Radar for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Decks
John Emil NovotnyOctober, 1997Ph.DMEExperimental and Analytical Investigations of the Glenohumeral Joint
Patrick T. O'ShaughnessyMay, 1996Ph.D.CEESystem Identification and Feedback Control of a Stochastic Process
Michael D. RossiMay, 1996MSCEEPerformance Evaluation and Field Optimizatio of Two Soil Vapor Extraction Systems
Charles ChoukalosMay, 1996MSEEDigital Vibration Dosimeter
Daniel LiversedgeMay, 1996MSMESystematic Design of a Zero-Lift Bracket for a Continuous Casting Machine
Timothy Edward NearyMay, 1996Ph.DMEIn-Situ Measurement of Lamb Wave Phse Velocities in Composite Plates with an Application for Defect Detection
James C. WillseyMay, 1996MSMEDesign and Fabrication of a Center of Mass Indicator
Maruice MassimoMay, 1996Ph.D.MSA Model for the Deposition of Yttrium Oxide and Other Oxide Films Using Finite Element Analysis
Mengchun YuMarch, 1996MSCEEThree-Dimensional Finite Volume Method for Solving the Groundwater Flow Equation
Limin MiaoMarch, 1996MSEECollective Modes In Superlattice Electrodynamics
Jeffrey S. LilléMarch, 1996MSMSParameter Space Map of Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Plasma Characteristics
Daniel S. VansletteMarch, 1996MSMSOptical Emission Spectroscopy Studies of Plasma in Electron Cyclortron Resonance Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
Donald E. DupuisOctober, 1996MSBioMedActin Filament Mechanics in the Laser Trap
Hongsheng CaiOctober, 1996Ph.D.EEImage Compression Using the Wavelet Transform and Binary coding
Robert D. MorelOctober, 1996MSEEAn Investigation of ION Densities and Average INO Energies in an Agon Plasma Discharge Generated by an Unshielded, Quarter-Wavelength, Radio Frequency, Helical Resonator Plasma Source
Braden C. FlemingOctober, 1996Ph.DMEThe in VIVO Strain Behavior of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament During Stationary Bicyling: An Experiemental and Anaytical Investigation
Michael PologrutoMay, 1995MSCEEAnalysis of Stability Characteristics for Pavement Materials
Madhav M. NaikMay, 1995MSEEMulti-Axis Motion Control System for a Micro-Miniature Cable Processing Machine
Jim L. RogersMay, 1995MSEELow Temperature Epitaxial Growth of Erbium Doped Silicon Films by Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Using a Sublimed Metalorganic
Paul D. SmithMay, 1995Ph.D.EEEnergy Dissipation of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in Causally Dispersive Dielectrics
Julie A. MartinMay, 1995BSMEIn vivo Modeling of the Achilles Tendon and an Investigation of the Mechanisms of Failure
Randall J. LandryMarch, 1995Ph.D.EEPerformance Evaluation of Traffic Control Mechanisms for Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Networks
Eric P. DionMarch, 1995MSMEThe Development of a Transmission System for a Solar Powered Vehicle
Mohamed Z. AbdelazizOctober, 1995Ph.D.EEPerformance Evaluation of Traffic Control Mechanisms for Asynchronous Transer Mode (ATM) Networks
William J. Nii-Okai BoiquayeOctober, 1995Ph.D.EEAdaptive Control of Photoresist Thickness, Uniformity, and Dispense Volume in the Spin Coating of Wafers
Peter E. DudleyOctober, 1995MSEEAbstracting Circuit Delay Networks
Robert GauthierOctober, 1995MSEEComparison of Two Methods for Channel Length Extraction Using Surface Channel and Buried Channel PFETS
Jerry L. BrownOctober, 1995Ph.DMEThe Effects of Electromagnetic Stirring on Solidificaiton in Investment Casting
Mark A. LotitoOctober, 1995MSMEAlternative Articulating Surfaces for Lubrication Enhancement and Fricition Reduction in Total Joing Arthroplasty
James A. RiddellOctober, 1995MSMEIndustrical Research and Development Projects in the Academic Enviornment
Donna RizzoMay, 1994Ph.D.CEEOptimal Groundwater Remediation Designs and Characterization of Aquifer Properties Using Artifical Neural Networks
Patrick E. McGaughneaMay, 1994MSEEExperimental Analysis of an Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Microwave Plasma Using a Gridded Energy Analyzer (GEA) to Measure ION Energies, and ION Current Densities
Sophia I. TsakiridouMay, 1994Ph.D.EEQueueing Analysis of Resource Allocaiton Policies for Communication Networks
Timothy P. AmbroseMay, 1994MSMEAutomation of Wire Handling and Stripping Manufacture of Multiconductor Coaxial Cable
Steven H. ClarkMay, 1994MSMEThermal Effects of Thermocouple Embedding in Solid Propellants
Edgardo A. Colon-EmericMay, 1994MSMEA Parametic Model of the Human Torso Duing Sinusodial Vibrations
Constantinos M. BalictsisMarch, 1994Ph.D.EEGaussian Pulse Propagation in a Causal, Dispersive Dielectric
Faraydon PakbazMarch, 1994MSEERobust Controller Design for LTI Multivariable Systems Using Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT)
Russell L. SacksOctober, 1994MSCEEThe Design of Optimal Soil Vapor Extraction Remediation Systems Using Linear and Nonlinear Programming
Stefen KorskoOctober, 1994MSMEComputation and Modeling of Droplet Evaporation
Thomas S. LivingstonMay, 1993MSCEEEstimation of Axial Load in Prismatic Members Using Flexural Vibrations
Brian David MehimanMay, 1993MSCSA Graphical User Interface for the Development of AMACS Programs
Patrick T. O'ShaughnessyMay, 1993MSCEEAutomatic Control of Chamber Aerosol Concentrations
Brian David MehimanMay, 1993MSCSA Graphical User Interface for the Development of AMACS Programs
J.E.K. LaurensMay, 1993Ph.D.EEPlane Wave Pluse Propagation in a Linear, Causally Dispersive Polar
Yellambalse-Rao Panduranga S.May, 1993MSEEImage Compression on Parallel DSPs Using a New Hybrid Coding Method
Kenneth J. AltshulerMay, 1993MSMEThe Study of Friction and Wear Using a Pin-on-Disk Tribometer
Todd AndersonMay, 1993MSMEA Dynamic Femoral Hip Prosthesis
David D. OgdenMay, 1993MSMESpinal Characterization by Transverse Tests in Vivo
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Raymond E. WrightJune, 1907A Proposed Electric Railway Between Burlington and Rutland
Bernard R. YoungJune, 1907BSEEA Proposed Electric Railway Between Burlington and Rutland
M.C. LaneJune, 1906Senior ThesisA Comparison of the Physical and Electrical Constants of Copper and Aluminum, and their Effect Upon These Metals Used as Conductors
E.H. MerrihewJune, 1906Senior ThesisA Comparison of the Physical and Electrical Constants of Copper and Aluminum, and their Effect Upon These Metals Used as Conductors
Harold Calvin BickfordJune, 1905BSEETests on the Municipal Electric Light Plant, Burlington Vermont
Elroy Sumner BillingsJune, 1905BSEEThe Retardation Method of Measuring Losses in Electric Dynamos and Motors
Roy Orville BuchananJune, 1905BSEETests on the Municipal Electric Light Plant, Burlington Vermont
Charles Arthur SmithJune, 1905BSEEDesign for a Street and Interurban Railway for the Rutland Street Railway
Nehemiah Alvardo TowneJune, 1905BSEEDesign for a Street and Interurban Railway for the Rutland Street Railway
Walter Henry WashburnJune, 1905BSEETests on the Municipal Electric Light Plant, Burlington Vermont
Fred Bonar WrightJune, 1905BSEEThe Retardation Method of Measuring Losses in Electric Dynamos and Motors
Frank Thomas WymanJune, 1905BSEETests on the Municipal Electric Light Plant, Burlington Vermont
Harry BarkerJune, 1904BSHistory of Investigations to find an Equation for Certain Curves for Use in Electric Railroad Predetermination. A Substitute for Present Graphical Methods
Henry Chamberlain ClementJune, 1904BSEEDesign for a Central Lighting System for the Building of the University of Vermont
L. B. CramerJune, 1904BSEEThe Secondary Battery as Used in Electric Railway Work
George Murray LeachJune, 1904BSEEAn Electrical Survey of the City of Burlington
Arlington P. LittleJune, 1904BSEEDesign of an Electric Light and Power Station for Burlington, Vermont
Arthur Edward PopeJune, 1904BSEEDesign for a Central Lighting System for the Building of the University of Vermont
Edward Thomas ShawJune, 1904BSEEDesign of Unipolar Dynamo
Carl Brigham BrownellJune, 1904BSMEDesign of a Hydro-Electric Plant
V. H. DarttSources of Error in Commercial Meters
J. J. McCarthySources of Error in Commercial Meters
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